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The Korean manufacturer Hyundai isn't limited only to the automobile industry. They are also known for shipbuilding, military construction and electronics. Building a reliable automobile only seemed natural for this experienced Company. Behind the wheel of a used Hyundai, you will become a part of this vehicle. Their design was simplistic at first but now it has evolved into something much more futuristic. Hyundai has made a place among the best manufacturers in the world and it's not by chance. Thus, our used Hyundai are among the best in the industry. Equipped with excellent features and a comfortable and refined interior, they will introduce you to great sensations. Travelling will be a pleasure and you will ask for more, regardless of the used Hyundai you are driving. Choose the Korean quality and discover the Hyundai driving experience.

Hyundai Certified Used Vehicles

Only the best vehicles meet our standards: Every Certified Pre-owned Hyundai vehicle must pass stringent inspection and certification criteria to be eligible for the program. Here’s how we take the risk out of buying used. Only low mileage vehicles are accepted:Every vehicle must be within 6 years of the original in-service date and have an odometer reading of 120,000 kilometres or less to qualify. A multi-point inspection is performed: All vehicles must pass a rigorous inspection process that touches on numerous points including safety, appearance and quality.  [Read more]

Hyundai HCD-14 wins Concept Car of the Year

Automotive writers at the North American Concept of the Year Awards have named the Hyundai HCD-14 as the 2013 Concept Car of the Year. The judges were impressed with the car's size, saying that it was "big, comfortable and luxurious." They were also impressed by the common sentiment of disbelief- they were surprised that the car is a Hyundai. The Hyundai HCD-14's design is pointing directly to Hyundai's next premium sedan. It reveals clues about the evolution of Hyundai's styling, and the technology that we can expect to see in future production cars from the Korean automaker. The HCD-14 Genesis retains the same engine as the current model. It's a 5.0-litre Tau V8 paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission that routes power to the car's rear wheels. What's new in the concept is a system where once the car acknowledges the driver via an optical recognition system, it fires up the engine immediately. The car's platform features a rigid multilink front and rear suspension. It's loaded with a stability control system and electric-assist power steering, all of which can be adjusted to the preferences of the driver.

Hyundai Dealers Get Image Change

Hyundai dealers will get a makeover during the coming months. Indeed, Hyundai Auto Canada announced on Wednesday that it will roll out a new visual identity for it's entire national dealer network. Now represented by the blue and white colours, the new design will fit into the global identity of the company. This new initiative is called the Global Dealership Space Identity (GDSI) and will be introduced at all Hyundai dealerships around the world. What is immediately noticeable is the new exterior colour scheme. Dealership rooflines will now be bronze coloured, but Hyundai's signature blue hue will remain as an accent colour inside the dealerships. To facilitate and enhance the customer's experience, showrooms will now feature quality modern furniture, customer lounges, as well as new digital kiosks, tablets, shelves, and wheel stands. Plants and indoor trees will bring natural, environmental elements into the showroom space, and flooring will bring to mind a natural landscape.

Peter Schreyer Wins Golden Steering Wheel Award

You may already know from a #Kia advertisement that #Peter Schreyer is the principal designer for Kia Motors, and has been since 2006. In early 2013, he was appointed president and chief designer of the Hyundai Motor Group. He completely redesigned the Kia range in only a few years, taking it to the point where Kia has now become a respected brand in the automotive industry. Peter Schreyer is the second designer in history to receive a Golden Steering Wheel. The first to be so honoured was Giorgetto Giugiaro in 1995. The Golden Steering Wheel award is presented by Bild am Sonntag and AutoBild.

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2007 Hyundai Elantra

2007 Hyundai Elantra

I don’t know what bit the Hyundai people but rivals are hoping it’s contagious. I thought the announcement of the entire fleet’s renewal within two years sounded...

2007 Hyundai SantaFe

2007 Hyundai SantaFe

Forging ahead with the new plan, the car maker Hyundai is well on the way to reaching its goal of replacing the entire line of vehicles in record time. Now, the SantaFe....